How dare life get in the way of my blogging! :P

For the LOVE o’ Mike… I truly DID sit down last week to start my new article. But, school was around the corner. Everyone needed to go to the mall. Scout meetings started. Errands galore. ¬†We were down to one car between 3 drivers.
And, then there’s a business plan to write …dear lord ….writing a business plan is so much fun…said no one ever. LOL

This week’s image is truly something I said once, when asked to multi-task. Crude, but you know what I’m talking about don’t you? September starts and it’s the roller coaster all over again. Sad to close the pool in a couple of weeks, but, the water is getting too cold despite the humidity we’ve endured.

SO….lots of events coming up: George Stavrinos exhibit at the Society of Illustrators on Friday – I’ll be sure to post pictures. And, of course, Fashion Week in NYC.

At least I colored my hair. xo

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