Decades later, my art comes home

How an unexpected delivery connected me to my high school self!

Yesterday my husband sent me a text message that I had received a large package at home. The sender was not familiar to me, and I know I hadn’t ordered anything online, but, I managed to contain my curiosity until I arrived home. Upon opening the box I pulled out a large framed picture only to find myself face-to-face with a fashion illustration I had created as a 17-year-old high school senior! Memories came flooding back and I remembered this piece being in a school art exhibit and a couple wishing to purchase the piece. This was the first artwork I ever sold. I was stunned.

Eager to learn more, I found a letter at the bottom of the box:

Hello Sue,
Your work has traveled the globe and hung in our home or in my office for the past forty years. As my wife and I are retiring and attempting to downsize, I thought you might want your first ‘commissioned’ work returned so your family can see fro themselves what a talented artist you were in high school! If I’m not mistaken, we paid you $25 at the LHS art show and took possession of your creation. You were startled not only by the fact we were in awe of your talents, but the exchange of money left you speechless!

A cursory review of your web site shows you continue to create amazing works of art. As I know very little about the art work and can barely draw a straight line, if the drawing is worth something, and you decide to sell it, I would ask that you donate half the sale price to your local high school art department.

You truly are a distinguished alumni of Lawrence High School!

Yours sincerely, etc.

Upon reading this letter, I went from stunned to tears. He didn’t have to find me and send this back. He could have given it away or tossed as trash. I was so deeply moved and will be writing to thank him for his kind and thoughtful gesture. And it is wonderful to have a piece of my artistic past back in my possession. I might indeed sell it and make that donation, in honor of his kindness.

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