The Vision of Stavrinos Exhibit at the Society of Illustrators

We arrived shortly after 7pm and it was already elbow to elbow. This show exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Seeing George’s work up close was, in itself, a thrill, and there were many pieces I had never seen before.  Being the admin of the Fans of George Stavrinos Facebook page, I was looking forward to meeting connections there and was not disappointed! Paul Tascarella, Brad Haman, Mel Odom, Herb Greenwood – some were friends with George and all of us were admirers of his work.  I was also pleased to meet George’s nephew Theo and his lovely family. There was a reception after closing in the member’s lounge and we enjoyed hors d’euvres and drinks.  This show is up until the 19th of October, please go see it if you can! It’s at the Society of Illustrators.

Being in CT, it was just a 2 hour drive to get to Manhattan and we stayed overnight at the apartment of a dear friend. I was feeling pretty happy when we left…so happy, i chose to say, “oh let’s walk” the 25+ blocks back to the apartment…i was practically prostrate by the time we got there!  🙂

heading to Nolcha fashion week tomorrow – stay tuned!

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