Drawing Outside the Art Box

PiecesOfUsThis colored pencil drawing, “Pieces of Us” came from a printing accident – I had opened the door of my dining hutch, looking for things to use for a new still life. I liked the way the crystal and glassware receeded into the mirrored back of the hutch and took a quick snapshot. When I went to print out the image, the printer ink didn’t work and I got this strange pink and grey image with a solarized effect. I was about to throw it away (after cursing on how expensive ink cartridges are) when I stopped and really looked at the photo.

It was so different. Some parts looked very realistic but there were neon pinks and oranges in abstract shapes that I found interesting. I thought about it for awhile – this was a different look for me. How would the final artwork look? I decided to go ahead and create it or else I’d have driven myself nuts staring at the photo.

I could see portions of a small statue of the Pieta that had belonged to my nana in one corner and a portion of a menorah opposite from my husband’s family. I realized everything I saw in this image was from our wedding, anniversary,  and heirlooms. It is, quite literally, pieces of us.




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