Just keep sketching (sing that to yourself)


Even on days when I’m in the midst of planning a new piece of fine art or fashion illustration, I try to take a few minutes and keep my drawing skills honed by doodling. You’d be amazed at some of the wonderful little sketches you can create – in fact, sometimes I wish I’d drawn them on good paper! (My sketches are all done on tracing paper). Sometimes those doodles even become full-fledged final artwork! I think at least a dozen of my fashion illustrations started that way.

Drawing skills aside, I believe it’s also important to work from your mind’s eye, without a reference photo. I like to sketch from what I “know” or “remember” to be true and embellish it. Using your imagination goes hand-in-hand with the technical skill – you can’t make art without it!
Obviously, as a photorealistic fine artist I work from reference, but, it’s refreshing and necessary to break free and use my head! 🙂

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