Colored Pencil Workshop in Avon, CT

AAA2014Several months ago I was honored to be asked to give a demonstration in colored pencil at the Avon Art Association in February, followed by a workshop a few days later. As it happened we had a snowstorm the week of February 22nd and it had to be moved to Feb. 28th and March 1st.

What a warm and welcoming group! I was immediately made to feel at home. I brought several framed original pieces for them to see up close while I worked on a new project I had started. Of course, I had to warn them that watching colored pencil is a bit like watching grass grow, but, I did manage to work quickly so they could understand the process.

On Saturday, I arrived with a fresh project printed on drawing paper for each of us to work on after some exercises in layering, blending and adjusting the pressure you put on the pencil. Building up layer upon layer until the pigment binders blend together – especially with wax-based pencils like Prismacolor is a truly time-consuming, patience-testing process. I was pleased to see some wonderful variations from each student – everyone has a different hand with pencil and the results were amazing! I had a great time with Avon Art Association and they’ve invited me back next year!


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