Katherine Miles

Sue is an amazing illustrator. She has the unique ability to create not only an eye catching brochure but one that truly explains my business in pictures. I developed a new product that is hard to explain without showing it. In the past I would use my hands to explain how my product works. Now with the new brochure everyone can tell right away what my product is and how it works. Sue recently did some technical drawings for me because I needed to do a spec sheet for the manufacturer. I sent her the written instructions and what I had drawn. She was able to make a drawing of the cut out version and the sewn version of the Ruby Slipper with all the measurements. She then took the out of order pictures and not only put them in order but made the drawings perfectly understandable. Her work allows the manufacturer to know what each step of the sewing process should look like and what I’m expecting in the final stage. Thank you Sue for your great work!

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